Gravitational Wave Astronomy Group

Our Mission

The mission of the Gravitational Wave Astronomy Group is to pioneer the exploration of the universe through gravitational wave observations. Toward this end we engage in scientific research, research training of undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdocs; advocacy of the scientific value and excitement of gravitational wave observations; and public outreach at all levels. We work collaboratively and openly with other individuals or groups, large and small, to achieve our common goals and advance our common interests.

Gravitational Wave Astronomy

  1. Ultraviolet: GALEX
  2. X-Ray: ROSAT
  3. Visible: Jason Ware
  4. Radio: Effelsberg
  5. Infrared: Spitzer
  6. Gravitational Wave: simulation

In the 20th century our ability to explore the heavens grew to encompass the entire electromagnetic spectrum (e.g., X-ray (2), ultra-violet (1), optical (3), infrared (5) and radio (4)). With each new way of observing we discovered new phenomena and enriched our understanding of things already observed. Gravitational wave observations (6) are the next frontier of astronomical discovery, with a potential to transform our understanding of the cosmos in a way not seen since Galileo first turned a telescope to the heavens. Our goal is to pioneer gravitational wave observations as the first 21st century tool of astronomical discovery.